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Halo ultimate quiz

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This is hard difficulty Halo quiz.

  • 1
    Who commanded CSO-class supercarrier Long Night of Solace during the battle at Reach?
  • 2
    What is the most elite rank Sangheili can obrain during the days of the Covenant?
  • 3
    What is the name of the Spartan who volunteered to execute Thel' Vadamee?

  • 4
    Who was the Arbiter before Thel' Vadamee?
  • 5
    What is the highest naval rank an Elite can obtain?
  • 6
    Who is the captain of the Spirit of Fire?

  • 7
    What was the name of Cortana's older sister?
  • 8
    Who was the Supreme Commander of entire Forerunner military?
  • 9
    What is the rank of the light grey armored Elite that defended the Scarab that was deployed in New Mombasa?
  • 10
    How did Rtus's Vadum lost his mandibles?

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747 days ago
i know i made a mistake with swords of sanghelios i was pretty new to halo lore when i made this test
767 days ago
The swords of sanghelios were, and still are, a group that stands against the covenant, rather than being the highest rank. Check your facts. Were you talking about the silent shadow?