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The tasks you must undertake are perilous, suicidal you will fail as each taker has before you.

  • 1
    Which spartan died while holding off Covenant soldiers to buy time for his teammates to escape?
  • 2
    Why were Spartans created?
  • 3
    What is the highest Covenant naval rank?

  • 4
    What was the second highest rank a Brute can obtain in the Covenant?
  • 5
    Where was Master Chief born?
  • 6
    Why did Prophets declared war against Humanity?

  • 7
    Why did Sesa 'Refumee rebelled against the Covenant?
  • 8
    Noble-6 was killed by?
  • 9
    What was the flagship of the Fleet of Valiant Prudence?
  • 10
    What was the name of an ancient human senior naval officer who served during the Human-Forerunner war?

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1310 days ago
i was new to halo lore when i made this
1310 days ago
I did make some mistakes and my english is not perfected yet sorry :D
1330 days ago
Loved the quiz, and you bare the only one I’ve seen that actually has his facts right. Also, for all those saying the first one was Kurt, he did also die but Sam was the first one. His suit was breached, before there was energy shielding, and he would have died in the vacuum. Covenant soldiers killed him.
1514 days ago
Kurt died to to hold the Covenant to let the other Spartans go to Onyx?
1590 days ago
Sam only stayed behind because his suit was breached?
1612 days ago
It was the forerunners who declared war on the ancient humans because of the mantle of responsibility.