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How much do you know about Harvest Moon: Magical Melody?

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Do you know a lot about the game, or a little? Or nothing? Well, it’s time to find out.

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    How many suitors are there for you to pick from to marry?

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1916 days ago
The person that made this apparently doesn’t know much themselves.
1) There are technically 21 candidates, but if they’re to be split up between the genders, then the correct answer should be 11, not 10. Jamie still counts as a candidate even if the game ends.
14) These answers are opinions, not facts, since the question was asking “is it good” and not “can you keep playing”. Like, yeah, it was good to me. I purposely married Jamie to get the ending. It’s fine for the test maker to dislike marrying Jamie, as long as I’m not forced to agree for a “correct” answer. Opinions should have been left out. Besides, it just takes you back to your last save so you can keep playing like nothing even happened. “Can you have a child with Jamie?” would have been a better question since it would lead to the same “no, the game ends at marriage” answer.
16) There are definitely only 100 Musical Notes, not 150. What even?
17) Your pig can sniff out the truffles, yeah. But you can also go dig them up without even bringing the pig, which is probably better cause the pig really isn’t good at it, in my experience.