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OK, so this might give away an answer to one of the quizzes in this section, but did you know that 5 percent of Taiwan's ENTIRE POPULATION has played League of Legends? Of course you did, because you're an expert on Taiwanese gamers! Or maybe you knew because LOL is one of your absolute fave games. (We suspect the latter.) Or, maybe you just learned something new. It's all good. :-)
You probably also knew that Silent Bob's cousin in the indie film "Clerks," a strange guy obsessed with heavy metal, is in LOL. We can't print any of his vulgar song lyrics here, though (sorry about that).
The point here - and we do have one - is you've landed on our League of Legends quiz section. We apologize for not having many LOL quizzes right now. That's no reflection on the game, of course, which by July 2012 was the most-played PC game in North America and Europe in hours. LOL is a classic! If you know and love it, we invite you to create your own quiz. Meanwhile, try these on for size.

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