Megaman X Episode 6 Quiz
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Megaman X Episode 6 Quiz

How much do you THINK you know about Megaman X Episode 6? Find out in this quiz!

Question 1:Which of the following characters are Mavirick Hunters?
Megaman X

Question 2:Which of the following characters are bosses?
Commander Yammark
Blizzard Wolffang
Rainy Turtleoid
Blaze Heatinix
Shield Sheldon

Question 3:Which of the following could nightmares possess
Injured Reploids

Question 4:How can you collect Zero to use him?
Defeat the Zero nightmare in Laser Institute
Use the Zero Password
Beat High Max

Question 5:How can you use Bosses weapons?
Defeat them
Enter in their codes
Defeat High Max in a level other then the training level.

Question 6:How powerful is the ultimate armor?
Destroys almost anything in almost one hit
Damages opponents by a little bit
Does nothing except move and jump

Question 7:What is the 'invincible dash' using the ultimate armor?
Makes you untouchable and makes opponents damaged or destroyed
Makes you untouchable
Makes your opponents destroyed but you risk damaging your health

Question 8:Why was High Max created?
Nobody knows
To destroy Mavirick hunters
To destroy the earth

Question 9:What pairs of armor can X use?
X, Falcon, Blade, ?, and Ultimate
X, Falcon, Blade, and ?
X, Falcon, and Blade
X, and Falcon

Question 10:What pairs of armor can Zero use?
Zero, Falcon, Blade, ?, and Ultimate
Zero, Falcon, Blade, and ?
Zero, Falcon, and Blade
Zero, and Falcon

This Quiz has been designed by Timothy J. Mueller.