Mega Man X Series Quiz
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Mega Man X Series Quiz

Advanced questions on Mega Man X Series

Question 1:What is Sigma's true form?
Zero's other form
Mind Controller
Computer Virus
Dr Wily's reincarnation
AIDS virus

Question 2:Which Maverick Boss from X1 to X6 starts the battle against X (or Zero if the Maverick Boss is from X4 to X6) without his true form and transforms into himself later?
Morph Moth
Sting Chameleon
Metal Shark Player
Magma Dragoon
Crush Crawfish

Question 3:In Mega Man X(1), Vile captured X in the first stage of Sigma's fortress. What did Zero do after seeing X captured by Vile?
Clung onto Vile and self destruct
Laughed at X's predicament
Broke free and destroyed Vile
Broke free and ran away

Question 4:In Mega Man X2, there are 3 members of the X-Hunters. Which one of them possesses Zero's Head Part?
None of the above

Question 5:From the X-Hunters, who is the brains of the group?

Question 6:In Mega Man X4, one of the 8 Maverick Bosses was the former Maverick Hunter. Who was it?
Split Mushroom
Magma Dragoon
Slash Beast
Cyber Peacock
Storm Owl

Question 7:In Mega Man X4, Iris was destroyed by her only love, Zero. What was her last word to Zero before dying before his eyes?
Wanted to kiss Zero
Dumped Zero for killing her
Wanted to live in the world only Reploids exist with Zero
Cried out her brother, Colonel to avenge her
Wanted to go out with X instead

Question 8:Sigma was initially the leader of the Maverick Hunters. What was Sigma's main reason of becoming a Maverick in the first place?
Computer system corrupted Sigma's mind
Dr Cain, Sigma's creator, put a chip on him to go berserk
Virus that was originally carried by Zero was transferred to him after he destroyed Zero's chip on the forehead during the battle in the cave
Dr Wily's soul took over Sigma's body to take on X (created by Dr Light, Wily's rival)
A strange debris on the ground affected him which was Zero's DNA

Question 9:Which one of them was not the member of Gate's fellow commanders?
High Max
Nightmare virus

Question 10:In Mega Man X6, which one of the 8 Investigators was the most loyal to Gate, according to the conversation he had with X and Zero before the battle (saying that it is his duty to believe his master, Gate and he will destroy anything that gets in Gate's way although he respects X and Zero personally)
Rainy Turtloid
Metal Shark Player
Blizzard Wolfang
Commander Yammark
Infinity Mijinion

Question 11:From which Mega Man X game could X do Air-Dash?
Mega Man X3
Mega Man X4
Mega Man X2
Mega Man X5
Mega Man X6

Question 12:In the opening stage of Mega Man X3, X was captured by one of Dr Doppler's henchmen. Who was he (she)?
Dr Doppler himself
Dr Wily

Question 13:In Mega Man X4, how many forms does Sigma have?

Question 14:Why is X ranked "B" in Hunter ranking if his potential is limitless and is almost invincible against all of his enemies?
because of his good heart hesitating to fight and not wanting to destroy Reploids, even Mavericks
because he is immature
because Dr Light forgot to put a special programming chip on X that would have made him an "A" hunter when he was creating X 100 years ago
he was originally "A" ranked hunter but Sigma was jealous and reduced his ability
because he is blind to what is happening around him

Question 15:Which one of the Maverick Bosses from X1 to X6 does not possess weapon based on Ice?
Blizzard Wolfang
Chill Penguin
Frost Walrus
Crystal Snail
Blizzard Buffalo

Question 16:Which one of them was pure Maverick from the beginning whereas the others (wrong answers) were all the former Maverick Hunters before becoming a Maverick?
Web Spider
Wheel Gator
Dark Dizzy
Armored Armadillo
Flame Stag

Question 17:What was Nightmare's (creation of Gate) intention?
to revive Sigma from death
Gate's fun of collection of Reploids' DNA data
to make High Max stronger than he currently is in order to destroy X
to seduce his former colleague, Alia into loving him after seeing his incredibly high skills of creating advanced programs
to control the Reploids under Gate's orders so that he can create his own Utopia of Reploids only

Question 18:Who were Dr Doppler's 2 henchmen?
Vile and Colonel
Bit and Byte
Serges and Agile
Iris and Colonel
Isoc and High Max

Question 19:In Mega Man X6, What was Blizzard Wolfang's sob story behind him in his original death?
he was the bodyguard of Dr Jim and Dr Jim went Maverck one day. The Hunters misunderstood Wolfang as a Maverick too and disposed of him
He froze the forest by accident and the Reploid Reserchers disposed of him for punishment
Mavericks attacked him and his colleagues and Wolfang defeated the Mavericks but lost his comrades. Reploid Researchers who oppose Gate schemed to dispose of Wolfang and took advantage of the incident. After making it look like an accident, Wolfang was thrown into the cold sea, by Alia who was deceived into doing it

Question 20:What is the name of Sigma's pet in Mega Man X(1)?
Sigma Jr

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