Metal Gear Knowledge
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Metal Gear Knowledge

How much about Snake do you know?

Question 1:   What branch of the military was Snake in before the current?
Navy Seals
Green Berets
Army Rangers

Question 2:   What organization was Snake in for His first infiltration mission?
Green Berets
Socom Squad
Special Ops
Tactical Operations Squad

Question 3:   What is Snakes favorite brand of cigarettes?
Virginia Slims
Lucky Strikers

Question 4:   What fortress did Snake Infiltrate On his first Mission?
Shadow Moses
Alpha Sector
Big Shell
Outer Heaven

Question 5:   What is the order of Bosses defeated in Metal Gear 2?
Running Man, Ultra Box, Hind-D, Black Color, Night Sight, Predator
those aren't even real bosses!
Black Color, Running Man, Hind-D, Ultra Box, Predator, Night Sight

Question 6:   Who did Snake have to rescue in Outer Heaven?
Grey Fox
Dr. Pettrovich Madnar
Big Boss

Question 7:   What were the names of the first 2 metal gears?
Alpha, Beta
Master, Forerunner
TX-55, Metal Gear D

Question 8:   In what country is the 2nd fortress that Snake infiltrates?
South Africa
Zanzibar Land
Doom Island
Peninsula Sector

Question 9:   What are the mission codenames for the first 2 games?
W514, P945
Operation Neutralize, Operation Sterilize
N313, F014
Operation SectorZ, Beta Mission

Question 10:   Big Boss, how many times, does Snake defeat him?
He doesn't defeat Big Boss!

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