Metal Gear Solid Series Quote Tests

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How much do you know about Metal Gear Solid Series quotes?

  • 1
    Who said this? "The sniper's using me for bait to lure you out."?
  • 2
    Who said this? "They won't give in. They're all hypocrites, every one of them."
  • 3
    Who said this? "Try to avoid confrontations. Our goal is to collect evidence on Metal Gear development and expose it to the world."

  • 4
    Who said this? " you shoot women too?"
  • 5
    Who said this? "This ship now carries enough SEMTEX on its key structural points to blow it out of the water -- at the touch of this button."
  • 6
    Who said this? " The price of physical prodigy... Few more years and you’ll be another dead clone of the old man."

  • 7
    Who said this? "Thirty billion dollars? What makes them think they can get that much?"
  • 8
    Who said this? "Oh well, I’ll keep trying ‘til I hear the answer."
  • 9
    Who said this? "I can fall in love, If it's part of the mission"
  • 10
    Who said this? "I was a part of the Army's Force XXI trials..."

  • 11
    Who said this? "Crawl on the ground like the Snake you are"
  • 12
    Who said this? "Come into my web"
  • 13
    Who said this? "Is there a way to take off my pants?"
  • 14
    Who said this? "The Virgin Cliffs. Nice name for a Virtuous mission."
  • 15
    Who said this? "You've lost weight."

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