Minecraft Quiz!

I created this quiz to test you on how well you know Minecraft, my personal favorite game! Whether it's your fave, too, or just one of many games you love to play, have fun finding out just how well you actually know it! Good luck and please share with your Minecraft fan friends!

  • 1
    What is the default skin, and what name does it have?
  • 2
    What are the main hostile mobs in Minecraft?
  • 3
    Who is the creator of Minecraft?
    Who is the creator of Minecraft?

  • 4
    What are the three mobs you can have as pets (as in, they have to be tamed)?
  • 5
    Which character is well-known to be a hoax?
  • 6
    True or False: Minecraft is only single-player.

  • 7
    Which block must you have to survive?
  • 8
    How does Minecraft end?
  • 9
    What are the main tools in Minecraft?
  • 10
    I'll make the last one easy - what is Minecraft?

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1072 days ago
I gut 1 ut 10.uMMMMM inTeLIGENt
1072 days ago
I gOT 1 oUT oF 10
InTELIgent lOL
1073 days ago
Minecraft is an AMAZING game
1137 days ago
I like Minecraft very much
1147 days ago
minecraft is the best game
1155 days ago
Mine craft
1201 days ago
I played minecraft 127 hours in the past 5 mouths,no joke!! 😆😐😜#minecraft is the best
1216 days ago
The test is good, but questions 7 and 8 are sorta wrong. Technically, you don't need any of those items to survive. You don't need anything to survive if you aren't on hard difficulty. And if you are, all you need is food. Also, while there is no actual end to Minecraft that applies to most open world games. Beating the ender dragon is considered beating Minecraft.
1225 days ago
nice quiz i got number 8 wrong there is no end to minecraft i thought that it ended when you defeted the ender dragon... oops
1225 days ago
i'm a girl lol
1225 days ago
wow!!!!! my crush's name is Levi...😳
1232 days ago
I love the quiz 9/10 wow best Minecraft quiz ever.
1232 days ago
MinecrAft in minecraft what a quiz just kidding from levi
1232 days ago
Also some people say if you get all of the ajivmants you beat miencraft
1232 days ago
You should be able to see what you got right and wrong.(sorry if you already done this and I did not see)
1252 days ago
The quiz is partly wrong and correct. To some killing the Ender dragon is beating the game but also minecraft has no end. It is all about your point of view so I believe this is not a fair question
1276 days ago
This quiz was easy
1291 days ago
Yeah the quiz was pretty good 😁👌
(In my opinion)
1318 days ago
yeah the quiz is really outdated
1346 days ago
This quiz kinda seems outdated