Is this True Minecraft or False Minecraft?

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This is a true/false quiz for the game called Minecraft. Get it all right and we'll give you 3 stacks of diamonds!

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    Minecraft is actually formerly known as Rubydung. While Notch was working at Rubydung, He found another game called Infiniminer. Notch like the features in Infiniminer and now Rubydung was now known as Minecraft.
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    The first version of Minecraft was only known as "Dirt Game Technology Test" The first creation done in the game was Super Smash Bros. Replicas and after 2 hours of the release of the game, a Amusement Park was created and shared
  • 3
    When you know Minecraft, you also might know Herobrine, It's a Creepypasta story about a character which looks like Steve except for the eyes which was white. It got popular and even some people on Mojang at several updates, Some people added the line "Removed Herobrine". Herobrine might be started on 4chan or MC Forums. But in the files there's no codes for Herobrine.

  • 4
    Creeper was an accidental model of a sheep. The Mojang Team like the idea and put some pink texture to it and the Creeper was born.
  • 5
    All of the mobs in the game are genderless, even Steve is a male or female. Notch just suggested the name Steve for naming the default character. Steve must be only referred only as "The Player"
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    Minecraft is very small. No player can go further than 500 square meters.

  • 7
    There are really ridiculous amazing Minecraft creations.
  • 8
    In Minecraft, you don't get 3 worlds but 1 world. You can only have the Overworld. The Nether and The End are only worlds created at night.
  • 9
    When you open textures for Zombie Pigman, You found a note from Notch and it says " THX XAPHOBIA", and 3 paintings in the game are from the game called Counterstrike.
  • 10
    Minecraft failed from successful because of deleting several items and not being used item.

  • 11
    When you break underground in creative mode, The last block placed in the world was Bedrock.
  • 12
    Crying Obsidian was just the first version of Lapis Lazuli Block.
  • 13
    The creator of Rana, Steve, Black Steve, and Beast Boy were created by a former artist at Mojang named Dock. When Dock left Mojang, his creations were removed at the game.
  • 14
    Dogs, Witches, and Zombie don't take fall damage.
  • 15
    Most players spawn at areas like plains that are top blocks are grass.
  • 16
    Skeletons and Zombies explode when almost died on sunlight.

  • 17
    A minecart is crafted with 5 iron ingots.
  • 18
    Stone spawns in 1 block after dirt.
  • 19
    Nether Reactor Cores are the blocks you need to use to get to the Nether. (Pocket Edition only)
  • 20
    Command Blocks can be crafted with 4 iron ingots, 4 gold ingots, and 1 redstone dust.

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I did pretty good for not having Minecraft