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Minecraft: Block Quiz (Easy)

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This is a Minecraft quiz created by me. It's so easy! You need to answer 20 questions and I have a reward if your score is 13+.

  • 1
    Is wood is used to create planks?
  • 2
    What will happen if you smelt terracotta on the furnace?
  • 3
    What wood type if the village is in the plains biome?

  • 4
    Which block is flammable?
  • 5
    What block is used to craft blocks?
  • 6
    What type if wood if the village is on taiga biomes?

  • 7
    What happens if you right click an axe into a wood?
  • 8
    What is the most slippery type of ice?
  • 9
    How many ores does Minecraft have?
  • 10
    To craft sandstone, you need to find:

  • 11
    How many cobblestone you need if you craft furnace?
  • 12
    Can you craft dirt blocks?
  • 13
    What wood type if the village is in the savanna biome?
  • 14
    Is chest really a block?
  • 15
    Can you break bedrock in survival mode without cheats?
  • 16
    Which of the following is a fireball-resistant block?

  • 17
    When village generated in desert biome, the block type of the village is:
  • 18
    You can craft a red sandstone block by using:
  • 19
    How many types that the wood planks have?
  • 20
    Bonus: Is the quiz is for noobs (Answer Yes)

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