The hardest Minecraft test

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  • 1
    Herobrine can be seen in older versions
  • 2
    Creepers has to be at least 1 block away to blow up
  • 3
    Rain does nothing but make fog

  • 4
    Zombies or other mobs wont attack each other
  • 5
    Cats will scare off creepers/dogs will kill sheep and attack for you
  • 6
    All wild animals will attack you

  • 7
    Bedrock is the only block in Minecraft that can't be broken
  • 8
    When its night villagers will sleep/this was added Minecraft 1.3
  • 9
    Notch sold Minecraft
  • 10
    All enemies that are bosses has the same hp

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1152 days ago
Not the best quiz i cant find my score and every time i hit the “test results” button it maces me restart the quiz and i think theres sumfin rong with it cuz its mesd up
1170 days ago
It was a simple quiz
1171 days ago
guys sorry my stuff is not working
1171 days ago
*guys* sorry my key bored is not working right
1171 days ago
i got 9

wow buys what is your score
1197 days ago
yeah this is the hardest because it's wrong
1. Herobrine isn't actually in the game (False)
2. Creepers can be on the same block as you to blow up (False
3. Rain fills up cauldrons (False)
4. Skeletons definitely attack other mobs if they misfire (False)
5. They do those things, yep (True)
6, Cows/Pigs/Sheep don't attack you (False)
7. Barriers can't be broken either (you can only break either block in Creative) (False)
8. Villagers got beds in 1.14 (False)
9. Notch sold Minecraft to Microsoft around 2014 (True)
10. The Wither has more health than the Ender Dragon (False)
so may you please explain to me how I got 7/10 correct?