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Minecraft Command Quiz (that's actually correct)

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  • 1
    What is the char limit for chat (Java 1.19)
  • 2
    What is a correct file structure for a Minecraft datapack with a tick function?
  • 3
    What file is used to store details about the datapack?

  • 4
    How do you trigger the dragon death animation?
  • 5
    Where do you need a / in front of the command?
  • 6
    What is the correct name of the great Minecraft command website

  • 7
    How do you change the glowing color of entitys?
  • 8
    Can you just replace a certain type of block in a given area with vanilla commands?
  • 9
    How many blocks can you fill at once?
  • 10
    What command is not in the java version of the game?

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