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Mortal Kombat Quiz

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Are You A True Mortal Kombat Fan? Well, Answer This Quiz To Test Your Might.

  • 1
    What Does Baraka Say In Tarkattan Language In Mortal Kombat 11?
  • 2
    Who Is A sibling to Shinnok?
  • 3
    Who Killed Sub Zero?

  • 4
    What Did Cassie Cage Find Johnny Secrets From Johnny Cage's Grandma In MK11?
  • 5
    Who Is Johnny Cage's Ex-Wife?
  • 6
    What Does Raiden Say In Gibberish In Mortal Kombat 1?

  • 7
    Who Are The Only Three Characters That have appeared in Future Games From Deadly Alliance?
  • 8
    Who Won Mortal Kombat 1? (The First Game.)?
  • 9
    Who Is The Unknown Lin Kuei Member?
  • 10
    Who Is A Unknown Secret Character From Mortal Kombat 9?

  • 11
    Who Is Turned into A Tri-Borg Instead Of Snoke In the Alternate timeline in Mortal Kombat 9? (MK Reboot)?
  • 12
    Who Won Mortal Kombat X?
  • 13
    How Many Mortal Kombat Games Are There?
  • 14
    What Game That Tremor Debuted?
  • 15
    Who Was In The April Fools Tower In MK11?
  • 16
    Find The Intruder?

  • 17
    What Game That Liu Kang Was Dead?
  • 18
    Last Question (HARD) Who Is A Deleted Character in MK4 GOLD?

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500 days ago
i liked it but im a bit salty there are 11 games which i picked but it said there were 18 game i did tons of research and still only 11 games so it was wrong