How Well Do You Treat Your Neopets?
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How Well Do You Treat Your Neopets?

Do you know if your pets are happy or angry with you? Well, take this quiz! After taking this quiz, look at the answers for good tips on how to take care of your Neopets.

Question 1:What is the best type of Neopet?
The Grarrl
The Shoyru
The Uni
There's no best type; it's all opinionated!

Question 2:Do any of your Neopets have Petpets?
Yes, all of them!
Some of them
What's a Petpet?

Question 3:How big is your Neohome?
Medium, 2-story
Big, and all 3 stories tall!
Small, 1-story
I don't have a Neohome

Question 4:Do you ever disown your pets?
Yes, I always do!
What does disowning mean?
No! A Neopet is for life, just like a real one!

Question 5:Do you ever go to the Soup Kitchen, the Healing Springs, the Giant Omelette, or the Giant Jelly for free food and health?
I don't know where those things are

Question 6:Do you have a bank account?
Yes, and all the NP I gain I put into there!
There's a bank?

Question 7:Do you ever donate to the Money Tree?
What's the Money Tree?
Yes, all the time!

Question 8:Are you part of a guild?
There's such a thing as guilds?

Question 9:How do you use the Safety Deposit Box?
I put all of my items that I get into it
I don't use it
What's the Safety Deposit Box?

Question 10:How strong are your Neopets?
It doesn't matter
Very, very strong
I don't have any Neopets

Question 11:Do you have a shop?
Yes, but it's pretty small
Yes, and it's huge!
You can have your own shop?

Question 12:What do you usually buy for your Neopets?
Health Potions
I don't know

Question 13:How many Neofriends do you have?
A few
A lot
What's a Neofriend?

Question 14:Would you ever give out your password?
Um, maybe
Yeah! Why shouldn't I?
No way!

Question 15:Finally, what do you think Neopets are?
Virtual online pets
Creatures that we fight with
What's a Neopet?
Creatures that we should take care of as much as we do our cats and dogs

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