How To Tell If You're A RolePlay Addict:
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How To Tell If You're A RolePlay Addict:

This test is for those of you who think you might have a problem with how much time and effort you devote to your roleplay. Like online rpg games, or at home table top rpg games.

Question 1:When I roleplay a character...I?
Try to set forth a good outline of the personality I'm creating.
I research everything about the character including his social security number.
I AM the character.

Question 2:If my character dies...
I'm bummed.
I hurry up and make a new one so I'm not dwelling on it.
People send me sympathy cards.

Question 3:How often do you roleplay?
Couple times a month
Couple times a week
Every day

Question 4:How many books have you bought to learn about the game?
A couple
At least 10
More than 10

Question 5:How many different games do you roleplay in?
Just one
A couple

Question 6:Do you ask friends to join the game?

Question 7:What does rpg stand for?
Real Private Group
Real Players Group
Role Playing Game

Question 8:When did you start roleplaying?
1 year ago
A couple years ago
Several years ago

Question 9:Do you get involved in LARP?
All the time

Question 10:How many characters do you roleplay?
A couple

Question 11:Have you ever gotten emotionally attached to someone in the game?

Question 12:What does LARP stand for?
Legal Activists Research Program
Lessons Allowed Required Percentage
Live Action Role Play

Question 13:Have you ever played a character that was you?
I still do

Question 14:Do you believe anything in the game is real and could happen in real life?
No that's nonsense.
Well stranger things have happened.
Why not?

Question 15:How long did it take to make your most powerful character?
Few months
Few years
Several years

This Quiz has been designed by Jen.