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This test was designed to be looked at with no external references, so close everything else, otherwise you're just a cheater.

  • 1
    How many people, on average, can FuriousFox hold in his nicht games?
  • 2
    Who originally came up with the concept of a second Sonic Robo Blast?
  • 3
    Speaking of Sonikku, when he returned briefly to the message boards, what was the nickname he used?

  • 4
    Who was the first person to join the message board?
  • 5
    Who is the current maintainer of the Sonic Robo Blast 2 official launcher?
  • 6
    Who is the current maintainer of the UNOFFICIAL SRB2 launcher?

  • 7
    HARD: Is tech member a441 still REALLY around?
  • 8
    Who came up with the *first* unofficial Super Sonic frame?
  • 9
    The SRB2 message board is hosted by...
  • 10
    What is local member Jason the Echidna famous for being great at?

  • 11
    What SRB2 mod is created by BlazeHedgehog?
  • 12
    Ritz is best known for being able to...
  • 13
    Has SSNTails or OmegaHedgehog ever had an avatar they didn't make?
  • 14
    What SRB2'er recently became an admin?
  • 15
    What is the most active forum on the message board?
  • 16
    HARD: What's the difference between a WAD and a PAK?

  • 17
    Will SRB2 ever have slopes?
  • 18
    Which SRB2 forum was just recently introduced this month?
  • 19
    Who originally thought up the SRB2 mod SRB2 SPMoves Edition?
  • 20
    Kay, and who is the maintainer NOW?

  • 21
    What are the two things we incorporated from the Sonic Adventure series of games?
  • 22
    Who around the message board uses =P more then anyone else?
  • 23
    Who around here is most credited (yeah right) for their profanity?
  • 24
    Who created the 3D movie project 'Sonic 3D Revolution'?
  • 25
    Who is said to be the two best SRB2 players of all time?
  • 26
    What does the Armageddon Shield do?

  • 27
    In 1.08x, what is MAP97?
  • 28
    Which is generally ridiculed as the crash nicht game mode?
  • 29
    What is the OpenGL bug that you'll run into no matter what you do, before you even play the game?
  • 30
    HARD: What's the mistake STJr made on the title screen?

  • 31
    HARD: What is SRB2's theme most likely inspired by?
  • 32
    When you ask Sonic Team Junior about a release date, what will they most likely say?
  • 33
    Which of these people do NOT have access to the Hidden Palace?
  • 34
    In a nicht game, when you're climbing against a wall as Knuckles, then switch to Sonic, what happens?
  • 35
    Can you place objects directly on topic of an FOF without using Object place or editing bitsets?

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