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The hardest Pokemon quiz

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Now I do not claim that this is 'the' hardest Pokemon quiz, I just want people to actually try this out. Does not contain questions from the anime or boring number questions.

  • 1
    How much affection does the average affection-evolving pokemon need in order to evolve?
  • 2
    Which generation introduced Umbreon and Espeon?
  • 3
    Which of the following evolves with affection?

  • 4
    Magikarp is known for being 'The weakest pokemon', despite there being one weaker pokemon than Magikarp. Which one is it?
  • 5
    When you go to a battle with the rule 'special pokemon banned', one type of pokemon that can be considered 'special' will still be able to participate. What is it? (i made this on may 16th. 2018 so the answer might change)
  • 6
    What type is the Alolan form of Dugtrio?

  • 7
    Which of the following is called the 'gripper pokemon'?
  • 8
    What type of pokemon is the most common?
  • 9
    Bewear is called the...
  • 10
    How many evil teams have there been?

Comments (23)


403 days ago
it is actually a nice game to know how we know about pokemon btw
600 days ago
there was actually I think 8 when this came out but whatever
600 days ago
#10 is wrong because there is actually was actually 7 when this came out bruh
750 days ago
Actually in main games if you include aether fundation and team rainbow rocket there are actually 10 evil teams because team plasma and team neo plasma (bw2) are seperate teams
763 days ago
Hmmmm this was fun! I love that quiz! Dis i like
825 days ago
Let’s restate everything, from various comments
1. The stat you mean to refer to in questions 1 and 3 is happiness. Affection is the hearts in amie and refresh.
2. You need only 220 out of 255 to evolve on most happiness evolving Pokémon.
3. I would say that the aether foundation is not evil, just a genuine place that wants to help, but with corrupt leadership. Team rainbow rocket is just team rocket, but later.
4. Cosmog technically is stronger than Magikarp. Its base stat total is higher.
5. If we count spin-off games, there is WAY more than 9 evil teams.
6. This test was made in 2018, forget about Galar.
842 days ago
Well, first of all you must not be thinking of the right stat when you're talking about affection. Affection is the stat introduced in x and y with pokemon amie and its level is determined by the amount of hearts a pokemon has in it. To evolve from affection, Eevee (using it as an example cause that's kinda the pokemon that was the origin of this type of evolution) needs only 2 hearts out of 5 and a fairy type move learned. The stat you probably are thinking of, which require 100% for evolution is the stat which is used to determine if for example Eevee can evolve into Espeon or Umbreon, in this case the stat isn't affection but friendship. Second, I don't think many people would consider Rainbow Rocket as a unique team since they are just a progression in Team Rocket's history, and Aether Foundation is exactly that, a foundation, not a "Team" which was what your question asked, without those two teams the actual amount of teams should be seven not nine. If you absolutely want to count Rainbow Rocket on its own, then you can say it's 8 but definitely not 9.
846 days ago
There’s been 10 evil teams
Team rocket
Team magma
Team aqua
Team galactic
Tram plasma
Team flare
Team skull
Aeither foundations
Team yell
And Marco cosmos
850 days ago
Omg 8 out of 10! Im so happy. ............................ ;-; 98 lol
852 days ago
People are forgetting about team shadow from XD and colosseum
853 days ago
853 days ago
I've got a lot to say here.
1. Stop mentioning Galar in the comments, In question 5 the test creator says that this was made in 2018.
2. The Aether Foundation is not actually an evil team. It is run by an evil person, but it is not an evil team.
3. what you are referring to in questions 1 and 3 is happiness, not affection. Affection is in Pokemon Amie and Refresh.
854 days ago
All evil teams
Red and Blue, Team Rocket
Ruby, Team Magma
Sapphire, Team Aqua
Diamond and Pearl, Team Galactic
Black and White, Team Plasma
X and Y, Team Flare
Sun and Moon, Team Skull
Sword and Sheild, Team Yell
854 days ago
Th galar
region exists
877 days ago
Sunkern is the only pokemon weaker than magikarp??
921 days ago
Well then this was easy but plz explain if a pokemon needs max affection wouldn't any answer on question 3 be right?
1072 days ago
There are 7 evil teams
Team rocket
Team magma
Team aqua
Team galactic
Team plasma
Team flare
And team skull
The aether foundation aren’t an evil team because they want to help Pokemon and don’t mean harm but went corrupt because of lusamine. Team rainbow rocket are just team rocke from another dimension
1074 days ago
While the maximum possible happiness points is 255, you need at least 220 happiness points for a Pokemon that requires happiness to evolve. Once it reaches the requirements, it will have to gain at least 1 level to evolve.
1078 days ago
lol it was mega ez LOL
1129 days ago
this was the easist test ever