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This quiz is for experts only! There are 25 questions on all of the Resident Evil games. Resident Evil Fans, feast your flesh on this quiz.

  • 1
    What kind of outfit is Sherry Birkin wearing on the photo she has in her inventory on Resident Evil 2?
  • 2
    Who was actually going to be Claire Redfield's replacement in Resident Evil 1.5?
  • 3
    There was a rumor that you could see another Capcom videogame star nude on a poster in the room next to the Picture above the fire place in Resident Evil 2, is it true?

  • 4
    In the opening sequence where it says for you to press start the first female zombie appearing had the name of a famous movie created by the movie mastermind, George Romero. What does her shirt read?
  • 5
    In Resident Evil 3 you come upon a man named Dario Rosso, who explains to you that his daughter was killed out there. What is the name of Dario's daughter?
  • 6
    Alfred and Alexia Ashford were both born in the same year, the year is also the password to unlock Alfred's secret house. What year were they born?

  • 7
    A file in the scenario "The Hive" says that floors 4F and B3F of the hospital can only be accessed through a number code and voice print. Which past Resident Evil character had to do this?
  • 8
    Tests of an early version proved unfavorable for Resident Evil 4. What was made however was turned into another video game from Capcom. Which videogame was it later turned into?
  • 9
    "I'm sorry for my lack of manners, but I'm not used to escorting men." Which original Resident Evil character said this?
  • 10
    In Resident Evil 0 what order do you have to light the fires on the animal statue?

  • 11
    In Resident Evil Outbreak File #2, the RPD officer, Kevin Rymam, has a new outfit what is the name of his new costume?
  • 12
    Why is the reason that the Umbrella Corporation discontinues their research on their experiments?
  • 13
    Resident Evil 3 incorporates a "function" that hasn't been seen before in any other Resident Evil videogames. What is this function?
  • 14
    The UBCS member whom is laying in the back train died is a certain way. How does he die?
  • 15
    In Resident Evil Survivor the main character you control is Ark Thompson is suffering from an illness, which illness is it?
  • 16
    Jill Valentine is a famous female character from the Resident Evil series, but she did appear in two more other game (other than Resident Evil, but both produced by Capcom)
    What game did she appear in?

  • 17
    In Resident Evil 2, Sherry Birkin wears a locket around her neck. Later on in the game, which character takes the necklace?
  • 18
    As we know it there are a bunch of parodies of Resident Evil but there is one main one, what is it?
  • 19
    When creating Resident Evil: Code Veronica X the production team decided to create Steve Burnside because they thought that their original choice had a much more fan number. Who was Capcom's original choice?
  • 20
    How many years after in the viral attack in Raccoon City (happening during Resident Evil 2) do we finally get to meet back with the hero of Resident Evil 4, Leon Kennedy?

  • 21
    In Battle Extreme Mode in Resident Evil 2, Ada Wong comes equipped with these items. What items is she equipped with?
  • 22
    Life Tofu who wields a combat knife when you play as him in Resident Evil 2 another past Resident Evil character wields a knife who are they?
  • 23
    In Resident Evil Code Veronica X, the main male character Steve Burnside had to kill one of the members from his family, who deos he have to kill?
  • 24
    Bravo Team is supposed to have a pilot, but you don't see that much of him. What is the name of Bravo Team's pilot?
  • 25
    Rebecca Chambers is the youngest character in the first Resident Evil videogame, but is she the shortest, how tall is Rebecca Chambers

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