Roblox Knowledge

Do you love this massively popular multiplayer online and game creation system platform that allows users to design their own games and play a wide variety of different types of games created by other users? Think you know it pretty darn well? OK, then - let's test your knowledge of Roblox!

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    Who created Roblox?
    Who created Roblox?

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150 days ago
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150 days ago
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150 days ago
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172 days ago
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387 days ago
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468 days ago
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468 days ago
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502 days ago
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502 days ago
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553 days ago
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608 days ago
i was expecting a quiz about the game roblox not on famous people on roblox like, wha?
633 days ago
this is so weird. how am i supposed to know how many followers does roblox will have in facebook?! im still a pre teen ya know?! and the badge thingy player??? why would i know that?! i thought this quiz was about the games >:(
728 days ago
806 days ago
Woah this is the weirdest quiz i have ever did
824 days ago
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1601 days ago
I'm a minecraft pro not a roblox pro
1757 days ago
This quiz is great!