Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Chao Quiz

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This is a quiz on SA2B chao. It also has a few, random questions about Sonic games.

  • 1
    How do you get a Tails Chao?
  • 2
    What type is a Sonic Chao?
  • 3
    Where do you go if you want to name your chao?

  • 4
    Which garden of these is NOT unlockable?
  • 5
    In Chao Karate, who is the last chao your chao faces in Medium Mode?
  • 6
    How do you get a Two-Toned chao?

  • 7
    What type of chao *resembles* Rouge?
  • 8
    Who faces the boss "Hot Shot"
  • 9
    Which three characters are NOT playable, that were playable in Sonic Adventure?
  • 10
    Back to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle Chaos, which personality makes the chao more active?

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2616 days ago
Hmm.. none of the answers were correct for "How do you make a two-tone chao?". The way to make one is to breed a normal/default chao with a monotone chao from the market. Do your research. Apart from that one, I got them all.