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Back before there was ever Fortnite or Halo, the hottest video game you could play featured this little guy and his brother jumping around a place called Mushroom Kingdom throwing fireballs and changing sizes. (And before THAT, there were NO video games! Everyone had to play games on colorful pieces of cardboard, or - *gasps* - ON THE SIDEWALK! Agh!)
Thankfully, that terrible time - 1985 - was over EONS ago (and yes, you DO detect a note of sarcasm there :-). But the Super Mario platform games that follow Mario's magical adventures with brother Luigi and other cast members endure. The Nintendo classic has sold well over 310 million copies, making it the best-selling video game series in history.
Whether you're an older player (who gets our sarcasm) or a newer one, if you love Super Mario, this section is for you! We have 120 quizzes here, from Kart 7 to Mario Super Sluggers to Super Mario Odyssey and more. Quizzes about a game aren't quite as fun as actually playing it - we get that. But hey, you have to take a break sometime!

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