How well do you know about... MARIO & LUIGI?

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How well do you know about Mario & Luigi? See if you got what it takes to pass this 10-question test. Good Luck!

  • 1
    Level: Easy
    What food does Mario eat to grow big?
  • 2
    Level: Easy
    Who is the Mario Bros.'s archenemy?
  • 3
    Level: Easy
    In Super Mario Bros, How many players can it go up to?

  • 4
    Level: Medium
    In the Warp Zone in 1-2, what is the furthest level you can go?
  • 5
    Level: Medium
    When you start a battle with Princess Shroob for the first time, what does she do?
  • 6
    Level: Medium
    Which boss does not let you attack at all, "...flatten you with an attack barrage..."?

  • 7
    Level: Hard
    Which enemies give you 100-point pants and Supreme Slacks?
  • 8
    Level: Hard
    One of these enemies is weak to a Mix Flower. Who is it?
  • 9
    Level: Hard
    What does Princess Shroob do to the Shroob Castle statue?
  • 10

    How many Power Stars are in Super Mario 64 DS?

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