Mario Tennis N64/GBC Quiz

Think you know all about Mario Tennis? Come here!

Question 1:How do you get the Yoshi Court?
Beat singles with Yoshi
Beat everyone available with Yoshi at any difficulty
By completing Yoshi's minigame in the GBC and transfer

Question 2:What are the difficulties?
Easy, Normal, Hard, Intense, MAX
Easy, Normal, Hard, Intense
Very easy, Easy, Normal, Hard

Question 3:Who do you face in the Island Open semi-finals?
A. Coz

Question 4:How do you get a Silver Racket?
Swing your racket 150 times in a minigame
Complete everything with your character
Swing your racket 100 times in a minigame

Question 5:Who are the secret characters?
Tommy, Sylvia, Tony, Kate, Shy Guy Jr, DK
Only two - Shy Guy and DK Jr
Alex, Nina, Harry, Kate, Shy Guy, and DK Jr

Question 6:How do you unlock Mario? (for GBC)
Duh - he's here already
Beating the Island Open singles
Beating Mario in Mario Tour singles

Question 7:How do you unlock the Star court? (GBC)
Complete everything with your character
Get the other eight courts
Transfer the court over to the GBC

Question 8:What type can your transferred character from GBC is?

Question 9:When did Mario Tennis N64 come out?

Question 10:When did Mario Tennis GBC come out?

This Quiz has been designed by Julien.