Super Mario Galaxy Expert Quiz

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This quiz is for hardcore gamers of Super Mario Galaxy, experts of the game knowing many facts and hidden elements that are included in this amazing Wii title

  • 1
    Which of the following bosses is exclusive to Good Egg Galaxy?
  • 2
    Which dome in the game contains names of levels that are all alliterations?
  • 3
    Out of all the music files in the game, which of the following is not found in the game?

  • 4
    How many galaxies contain only two stars?
  • 5
    If Dreadnought is to Battlerock, then...
  • 6
    Which of these comet like properties appears in a level with no comet?

  • 7
    Which dome's selection of main levels only has hungry lumas for the secret missions (excluding green stars)?
  • 8
    How many different colours of stars are there in the game?
  • 9
    Which of the following levels if there are purple coins have no time limit?
  • 10
    What is the maximum amount of stars you can have before beating Bowser's Galaxy Reactor once?

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