Do you know Super Mario Odyssey?

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Do you know Super Mario Odyssey very well? Well if you don't, TOO BAD. If you do, you could just barely win

  • 1
    What did Super Mario Odyssey receive on Metacritc?
  • 2
    In Super Mario Odyssey (SMO), what is hidden in the moon on the logo of New Donk City
  • 3
    What is the title of Moon 29 in the Wooded Kingdom in SMO?

  • 4
    Which is not at least referenced in SMO?
  • 5
    How much is was SMO normally sold for?
  • 6
    Which can you not Capture in SMO?

  • 7
    Which is not Featured in the SMO?
  • 8
    Which jump isn't possible in SMO without 2P?
  • 9
    Which isn't a costume in SMO?
  • 10
    You made it to the final question! So here is a hard one! Is this answer going to be hard?

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747 days ago
The electric caterpillar thing you know what I'm talking about the boss in new donk city is called a mecha wiggler. Thought everyone knew that. Pus those tanks are called sherms. Get ya facts right people!
756 days ago
i forgot everything
1191 days ago
The 8th question is wrong, the lu(n)cheon skip as you called it (bruncheon), has been proven possible 1p with only one lava bounce. The only jump not possible in 1p is 2p god.
1388 days ago
It’s Bob-Omb not Bomb-Omb