Terraria Test (made with ACTUAL RESEARCH)

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This quiz is for people who are up to date on Terraria history and knowledge.

  • 1
    How much health does the Wall of Flesh have in Expert Mode?
  • 2
    How much damage does the Moon Lord's phantasmal deathray do in Normal and Expert mode?
  • 3
    What is the best mage armor in the game?

  • 4
    How many dyes are in the game? (Not counting team dye)
  • 5
    How many bosses are there total in all versions of Terraria?
  • 6
    When was Version 1.3.5 released?

  • 7
    How much base damage does the Meowmere do?
  • 8
    How do you get solar eclipses to occur naturally?
  • 9
    How many total enemies are on all versions of Terraria combined, including unspawnable mobs?
  • 10
    What is the highest tier of rarity?

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183 days ago
i got 5/10 but stuff like purple might not be correct because rainbow is higher. Also stuff like dyes/enemies/bosses might be a bit difficult.
1370 days ago
Rainbow 🌈 rarity is higher than purple rarity
1378 days ago
My meow mere does 300 base damage
1425 days ago
Got 4/10 without checking up on wiki. It’s quite difficult especially specific ones like number of enemies