An easy 1.2.4 Terraria quiz

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This will test how well you know Terraria 1.2.4 (It's not 1.3 as I play on mobile and avoid watching 1.3 videos for spoilers sakes.)

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    What requirements are needed in order for Plantera bulbs to spawn in the jungle? (easy)

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486 days ago
A lot of people in this comment section are really confused because this is a 1.2 quiz not a 1.3 quiz so of course there are gonna be 7 souls instead of 6, it doesn't matter if its version exclusive because this is a quiz about a specific version, As far as I can tell the only incorrect problems are 6, 7, 11, and 17, which is still a lot but people are saying like half of the things are wrong but they are correct because the game was a lot different in 1.2
901 days ago
Do you even play Terraria, quiz maker, cuz looking at this quiz, it doesn’t look like it
997 days ago
also, purple is a higher rarity than cyan, even if it didn't exist in 1.2.4
you should have specified light purple
997 days ago
The breaker cannot destroy demon/crimson altars.
The mechanical eyes are the twins, not the destroyer.
There are 6 souls, which wasn't even an option. The soul of blight does not count, it's a version exclusive item.
The molten pickaxe CAN mine palladium.
1019 days ago
Also the eye of Cthulhu is an eye like the twins and the eater of worlds is a worm like the destroyer so technically I got 20/20 go me!
1019 days ago
Question 2 a wyvern is not a miniboss the only actual miniboss out of those options is everscream who is post plantera.
1020 days ago
so you need to get it right
1020 days ago
OK, I did some research and found out what the Breaker is but it CANNOT destroy demon alters. It needs 80% hammer power to do that
1020 days ago
The destroyer is a worm . The EoC is an eye. The Twins are eyes. The EoW
a is a worm. What is the Breaker? All of those listed picks can mine pallidium
1126 days ago
In question 7 there is no answer because all of them need special requirements to spawn in king slimes case it needs to be a really flat surface for him to spawn
1189 days ago
Purple is the best rarity, you CAN mine palladium with a molten pickaxe, demon altars CANNOT be destroyed with the breaker and the grand troll of them all is that Destroyer, a worm, apparently is the mechanical version of an eye...
1231 days ago
Yo hey the EoC is NOT the EoW
1264 days ago
the eye of cuthulu is not anything like the destroyer