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Relatively easy Skyrim quiz

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    Delphine is the last member of the blades until you initiate new members.
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    Durnehviir is the dragon that takes you to Skuldafn.
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    Alduin could be killed only by you.

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    Paarthurnax is the first born of akatosh.
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    Dragons can be killed by anyone.
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    Castle Volkihar is the secret base that the Dawnguards occupies.

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    Skyrim was released November 11 2012.
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    Olaf one eye battled the infamous dragon Mirmilnir atop mount Anthor.
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    Miraak is the first dragonborn who was a dragon priest when he was alive.
  • 10
    Odahviing will teach you the soul tear shout. He will teach you one word each time you allow him to leave the soul cairn.

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1109 days ago
Delphine THINKS she is the last of the blades... until Esbern appears!
→ Bridgekeeper is cast into the gorge.
1328 days ago
If there are any die hard elder scrolls fans, play my quiz. I bet you won't know more than half the answers, I'm not lying, its extremely hard.
1862 days ago
Alduin can't be killed he has invincible plot armour, and god armour since he just gets wooshed away whenever he is close to death.
1874 days ago
ohh ouch PLZ LET ME PLAY!!!!!!!!!!!!