How real of a Zelda Fan are you?

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Are you a real Zelda Fan? Test your skills with this quiz starting from easy questions to harder ones. Good luck.

  • 1
    Who is the game's MAIN antagonist?
  • 2
    Who leaves you without any explanation in Ocarina of Time?
  • 3
    What item do you get in the third dungeon of Ocarina of time?

  • 4
    On what island do you get the Wind Waker baton?
  • 5
    In Wind Waker, which figurine is not needed to get the final one?
  • 6
    Who are the antagonists in Twilight Princess?

  • 7
    On what island do you get the mask in Wind Waker that let's you see enemy health bars?
  • 8
    In what game do you hear this quote: Since we were children, I would always be the one to wake you up. Now it's your turn to wake me up.
  • 9
    What is the color of link's tunic?
  • 10
    In which game to you have to defeat Ganondorf's beast form, Ganon?

  • 11
    What race is Link from?
  • 12
    Who is considered to be the most annoying allies in all of the Zelda games?
  • 13
    How many swords can you wield in Ocarina of Time?
  • 14
    In what game do you hear the Dark World theme?
  • 15
    In what Zelda game does your enemy develop into your friend?
  • 16
    What race is the one closest to Death Mountain?

  • 17
    What song let's you change the night-day cycle in Wind Waker?
  • 18
    At the end Oot, before the Ganon fight, you need to fight ganondorf. This fight resembles another boss fight from the middle of the game. Which one?
  • 19
    What song is used to control people in Wind Waker?
  • 20
    What game is considered to be at the base of every 2D zelda games?

  • 21
    What is weird about Spirit Tracks?
  • 22
    In what game does is link's mother mentioned?
  • 23
    What is the name of the item shop in Link between worlds?
  • 24
    What do you have to do to get the color pictobox in Wind Waker?
  • 25
    In Ocarina of time, how many rupees is a sliver one worth?
  • 26
    What game is the sequel to Ocarina of Time?

  • 27
    In what game do you HAVE to come back to the same temple (dungeon) numerous times in order to complete the game?
  • 28
    What is the name of the dungeon in question before?
  • 29
    What easter egg can you find in Gerudo Valley in Oot?
  • 30
    In Zelda games, how do most games start?

  • 31
    In link between worlds, who is the first sage you encounter in the game?
  • 32
    In what game does Zelda not know she is Zelda from the start of the game?
  • 33
    Who is the voice behind the King of Red lions?
  • 34
    How many forms of ganon do you defeat in Wind Waker?
  • 35
    What is the name of the item you can use in Skyward Sword to go back in time?
  • 36
    What Zelda game is completely different form the other in terms of GAMEPLAY MECHANICS
  • 37
    Which Zelda game is rated teen?
  • 38
    Which games are the rupee colours changed compared to the other Zelda games?
  • 39
    How many bottles can you have in Link between worlds?
  • 40
    What if Zelda was a grill?

Comments (4)


97 days ago
I'm about out of patience for this and I haven't even hit 20 questions. This quiz is full of lack of clarity and inaccuracies.
454 days ago
I completely agree with your statements Onihelix. I got 29 wrong because of 3D vs original part. It mad me so mad! also the spelling in this was so off and annoying. And Question 40... ya i know. Its like a beginning with botw player made this list and looked up all the answers and got inaccurate results. Seriously, what a poo.(By the way, Luigi is the OG Zelda hero.
537 days ago
With alot of these questions u need to say which game do you mean . Also you fight THREE Ganon forms and ONE Ganondorf, u just asked for ganon, his 'Human' Form is called ganondorf...
903 days ago
Question 1 isn't clear about which game they are talking about. If it's the whole series, just say so. Also, Luigi. XD
Question 4: 'You is faget', I mean SERIOUSLY! What are you, Rob Schneider?!
Question 7: Yeah, it's your face that looks like a poo...
Question 10: 'to' should be 'do'.
Question 11: Yo Momma's from the 🍦race too! XD
Question 18 needs the word 'of' in it, the answer choice 'water thingy' is Morpha, and Phantom Ganondorf should be Phantom Ganon.
Question 20 needs to be more clear that it's asking about the timeline.
Question 24: it's not a fairy, it's a firefly. Also, 'farts twice' XD
Question 25 is talking about Majora's Mask, not Ocarina of Time. In OOT, they are just 5 rupees.
Question 29 is talking about the 3D version of OOT, not the original. And it's not in the Valley, it's in the Fortress.
Question 36 is utterly confusing. And the word 'form' should be 'from'.
Question 40: I won't even go there...