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Did you ever want to know, am I a Zelda expert well here is your chance

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    In the Zelda Timeline Where is Four Swords Adventures?

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689 days ago
Question 4 is mostly correct. There are 49 island QUADRANTS.
Question 7: There are 24 masks in the mask sub-screen. But there are other masks in the game. You even put a picture of Majora's Mask with the question, making it at least 25.XD
Question 9 isn't really fair. I know of plenty of Zelda fans who haven't played Link's Crossbow Training.
Question 10 is incorrect. You go in all directions in this game, not just left and right. It is called an Adventure for a reason...
689 days ago
To Random Username: Kink Bulblin Twilit Bloat are mini-bosses, and skull kid is merely an event enemy.
1393 days ago
Four Swords takes place before the Timeline split. It occurs right after the events of The Minish Cap. Four Swords ADVENTURES happens in the Child Timeline.
1565 days ago
Zelda 2 is top down perspective in the overworld, so it IS both, so why does it say I'm wrong?
1685 days ago
Zelda 2's over world is top-down.
1716 days ago
The boss question for Twilight Princess is incorrect. Blizzeta is the 5th dungeon boss, but there are other bosses besides these.

The boss order should go like this: Diababa, King Bulblin, Fyrus, Twilit Bloat, King Bulblin (2nd time), Morpheel, Skull Kid, King Bulblin (3rd time), Stallord, Blizzeta, Skull Kid (2nd time), Armogohma, Argorok, Zant, King Bulblin (4th time, but optional), and finally Ganondorf.