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A true or false test to see how well you know the Zelda franchise!

  • 1
    Link is the hero of hyrule
  • 2
    Zelda has never been kidnapped before
  • 3
    In Majora's Mask, the real villan is Skull kid

  • 4
    In Ocarina Of Time, he is the only boy with a fairy
  • 5
    The Zelda races are: humans, Gorons, Zoras, Gerudos and dragons
  • 6
    In Ocarina of Time, the Ocarina of Time is dropped into the moat outside the castle

  • 7
    Link has died
  • 8
    Zelda is the hero of hyrule
  • 9
    In Twilight Princess Zant is the hero of hyrule
  • 10
    In Twilight Princess, Link can turn into a wolf

  • 11
    In Breath Of The Wild, the old man is Link's long lost father
  • 12
    There is a huge conflict with the Zelda races
  • 13
    In Breath Of The Wild, link needs 13 hearts to be able to pull out the master sword
  • 14
    In Breath Of The Wild, the king of hyrule is dead
  • 15
    Zelda is the best game ever

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643 days ago
Question 7 is incorrect. As well as the twighlight princess hero of time thing, ganon also defeated link in oot in the dounfall time line.
1177 days ago
Questions 1, 8, and 9 all ask the same question, but with different characters. If you know who it is, then you get all 3 of them correct.
Question 3 is incorrect. Remember, the mask was just using the skull kid. Once you defeated the evil mask, you and the skull kid became friends.
Question 6 is a little misleading because it wasn't dropped, it was thrown.
Question 7 is incorrect. Several incarnations of Link have died from old age. Who do you think teaches Twilight Princess Link his hidden skills?
Question 12 is incorrect. I can't tell you how many people can't 😍 about the whole Zora/Rito conundrum. The Zoras evolved into Ritos in Wind Waker, yet in Breath of the Wild, they are 2 separate races. I could go on all day with this one. The Kokiri have a few oopsies as well.
1546 days ago
I knew slot more than I thought..... 13 of 15 questions answered correctly....