The Test for a True Zelda fan

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To be a true fan you do not have to run on electricity or have four blades you just have know Zelda

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    How old is Link in Wind Waker?

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452 days ago
Better late than never 'insert name here'! Time for me to destroy it.
Many of the words were either capitalized for no reason, or words in a title weren't capitalized at all.
The others were right about Question 1.
Question 1's answer choice should really be "We don't know."
Question 5's answer choice Avocado is misspelled as Avacado.
Question 8 has nothing to do with being a Zelda fan.
Other than that, not too bad a quiz.
713 days ago
I put 9 cuz that's how old he is in oot.
713 days ago
The Zelda encyclopaedia says link is 12 in the wind waker. That's the only problem. Other than that, great job!
827 days ago
Actualy I'm Pretty sure link is 16-17, it is is birthday, the year he turns the same age as the Hero of Time. Link was not the Hero of Time, or at least not Recognized by the public as the Hero of Time until he was 16-17, thus, in wind waker link is 16-17.
871 days ago
Link is roughly 12 in the wind waker, it has been stated, the 16 comes from an reddit post, were a person has a THEORY about Links age in WW. Sadly when u ask google it is the first thing that pops up
897 days ago
Hippo, the does he like me quiz has been started over too. All the bad thing that have been said has been erased.
939 days ago
12 days later I'm realizing that was a little rude of me to say, onihelix, if you are reading this, sry, I was having a bad day.
951 days ago
I swear, if onihelix comes and destroys this quiz by writing a 18 line long correction I will die
968 days ago
haha! i hate thinking. J/K i do it all the time it hurts sometimes LOL
969 days ago
Easy! 11/11, Though it did equire me to think...
975 days ago
Good question. Why did I take this?
P.S. I watch you in your sleep