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    Where do you find the Master Sword?

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675 days ago
Worst quiz ever! Solders set is not a special set and it's spelt soldier's set and nah I did try my best 🌻. Not my fault I only decided to play Breath of the Wild in 2019 and I don't know how long the development was because it was already out. Maybe YOU should try harder at making a quiz. You should have named it Quiz on development of Botw because that is what most of the questions were about.
With question number: 1 Death moutain is spelt wrong moutain is actually spelt mountain there's a N after U. So please learn how to spell before you do another quiz and think about the questions a bit more.
993 days ago
Plenty of things wrong with this quiz:
Question 1 had a misspelled answer choice; Death Moutain should be Death Mou'n'tain.
Question 2 not only had a misspelled correct answer, but the question technically had 4 correct answers. You can go to any of the shrines first, which I myself go to the bomb shrine first anyway.
Question 3 is only for old people as younger people who play this game will have no experience playing the original 1987 NES game.
Question 4 is something you can't learn by playing the game, only by online reading.
Question 6 is almost correct, but when you leave the great plateau and come back to it, there are more powerful bows to be found there.
Question 7 was not only designed for the most maniacal of Zelda fans and not just casual players, but the correct answer was actually 6, not 4. They started development right after the release of Skyward Sword in 2011. BOTW was released in 2017. AKA 6 years.
Question 9 had the word planed which was misspelled from pla'n'ned. And the answer was wrong too. It was AT FIRST to be released in 2014, but then was quickly postponed to 2015, then awhile later was set for 2017 to maximize profits of being on 2 consoles like Twilight Princess did. Remember, Twilight Princess held the selling record for all Zelda games until BOTW came out.
And finally, Question 10. Solder Set should be Sold'i'er Set, Snowquil Set should be Snowquil'l' Set, and finally, the Soldier Set is really just higher in defense than most other sets, but becomes obsolete next to the Ancient Set and the Wild Set.
1316 days ago
First of this quiz Sucked balls, I got 4/10 because atlest three of those 🍦 questions had nothing do with gameplay it was more like questions of the development of the game how the he'll should I know that and I've beat the game twice.
1647 days ago
the knights bow is the most powerfull bow you can get on the great plateau
1665 days ago
the stelth set does something
1672 days ago
Soldier's armor isn't a special armor set... It doesn't do anything
1697 days ago
Man it is a shame when you know more than the person who was testing you, This game started development in 2011 right after Skyward Sword. One I missed. The other one was an armor set.. There is no special armor sets in hateno.
1697 days ago
Q3 says: "Which of the following is NOT an original enemy?" but the answer corresponds to the one enemy from the lot that IS original to BOTW
1697 days ago
They planned to release it 2014 but they changed it so that there will be more fun and they started the project back in 2011 the answer is 6 yrs.
1883 days ago
Its optional which of the four shrines you wanna do first :/