The Legen of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Universal Quiz

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Answer a question related to all 37 places in the great Zelda game: Ocarina of Time.

  • 1
    Kokiri Forest
    When you return to this place as Adult Link, what monster is guarding the entrance to the Lost Woods?
  • 2
    Lost Woods
    What are the directions, from the start of Kokiri Forest, to get to the Zora River Entrance?
    L - Left
    R - Right
    U - Up
  • 3
    Sacred Forest Meadow
    What song transports you here?

  • 4
    Inside the Great Deku Tree
    What order must the Deku Scrubs be defeated to gain access to Ghoma? This is NOT in the Master Quest.
  • 5
    Forest Temple
    In the normal version, a total of how many Stalfos must be fought, ignoring resurrections?
  • 6
    Hyrle Field
    Which of these enemies appear here in the past?

  • 7
    Lon Lon Ranch
    How many horse jumps can be made out of here after Talon resumes control?
  • 8
    What item is 'forbidden' in the Treasure Chest Shop?
  • 9
    Hyrle Castle
    Here lies the Great Fairy of ______.
  • 10
    Castle Courtyard
    What kind of song is learnt here?
    eg. Prelude, Bolero.

  • 11
    Temple of Time
    Which of the following is not here in the future?
  • 12
    Chamber of Sages
    On the ground there are emblems where the six sages stand on. What is opposite Light?
  • 13
    Ganon's Castle
    When Link first arrives outside the castle, what is not here?
  • 14
    Inside Ganondorf's Castle
    What enemy is fought in the first non-staircase floor of the tower?
  • 15
    Kakariko Village
    During a certain part of the game there is a continuous storm in the village. Why? Points storm in the village. Why?
  • 16
    Who takes what mask in this area?

  • 17
    What cannot be found in here?
  • 18
    Bottom of the Well
    What guards the Lens of Truth?
  • 19
    Shadow Temple
    Complete this mysterious quote from the walls.
    What lies in the darkness...
    Tricks full of ill will...
    You ___________________?
  • 20
    Death Mountain Trail
    What is located here and the Haunted Wasteland?

  • 21
    Goron City
    What song takes you to this place?
  • 22
    Death Mountain Crater
    What object here is placed in a seemingly impossible place to reach? Hint: Look Up.
  • 23
    Dodongo's Cavern
    Which isn't correct about this place? Read it very carefully.
  • 24
    Fire Temple
    How many blocks must be pounded to get from the Megaton Hammer room to the Volvagia Entrance Room?
  • 25
    Zora River
    What is not true about the frogs?
  • 26
    Zora's Domain
    Who can be unfrozen from the ice by link?

  • 27
    Zora Fountain
    How do you access the Fairy Fountain here?
  • 28
    Lake Hylia
    Who teaches you the Scarecrow's Song?
  • 29
    Ice Cavern
    Who guards the Iron Boots in the normal version of the game?
  • 30
    Inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly
    What is the title for Barinade?

  • 31
    Water Temple
    How much water is in the temple when you first enter it?
  • 32
    Gerudo Valley
    Who fixes the bridge as a child?
  • 33
    Gerudo Fortress
    What can't Link access at any time here?
  • 34
    Haunted Wasteland
    Who lives here?
  • 35
    Desert Colossus
    What can be seen in the hands of the goddess?
  • 36
    Gerudo Training Ground
    The reward for passing this is what?
  • 37
    Spirit Temple
    Which of the following is not true about Kotake and Koume?

Comments (3)


772 days ago
ONIHELIX--- CHILL OUT! You don't have to point out all the mistakes! goodness! (as I'm typing this I'm laughing at myself for trying to get all the grammatical stuff right)
1057 days ago
This was a wonderful quiz! Each question went to a different section of the game and was NEVER boring! Each question actually made me think for a second before answering; none of them were flat out obvious or ridiculously too easy or too hard. And there were little to no grammatical errors either!
Question 8: Markets should be Market. There's only one.
Question 9: Hyrle should be Hyr'u'le.
Question 11 is a little off as when you travel to the future, Link is holding the Master Sword in his hand and therefore is in the Temple of Time.
Question 13: I mean, I get it, but still, the question IS a little confusing. And it's not a light bridge, it's a rainbow bridge. I can't tell you how many online jokes there are about it being Rainbow Road. There are pictures of Mario and friends in the Castle Courtyard, hence 7 years pass, and look what is in the same spot...
Question 14 would have been a little more clear had you added the word 'section' at the end.
Question 15: What's with the whole 'points storm in the village' part of the question?
Question 23 has 2 correct answers.
Question 24 is a trick question as there are a possible 3 correct answers depending on how you look at it. There's the fact that it could be 0 because you could just play the Bolero of Fire and walk to the room. Now yes, there are 2 regular blocks, but some might consider the large column you pound down to the first floor as a block. It's long and weird, but the whole thing is block-shaped and therefore might be considered in logic.
Question 27's answer choice can't should include a period, not a comma.
Question 30: I know the word is weird and hard to say, but it's spelled anemone, not anenome. I always remember by saying m is for the middle.
Question 35 would have been a little more clear had the word 'the' been changed to 'both'.
Question 37 is incorrect. It's actually 'They are Ganondorf's Mother.' Here's why: When you defeat the 2 witches and they see their afterlife rings, they start arguing. 1 says she's 400 while the other says she's just 380. But remember, as they continue arguing, the '400-year-old' calls the '380-year-old' a liar. She makes a very good point about them being twins and how it is impossible they are different ages, let alone a difference of 20 years. The '380-year-old' was simply lying to Link. Now, the reason on the real correct answer: If you use Navi on either sister, she won't say Ganondorf's Mother, she says Ganondorf's SURROGATE Mother. As in not his real mother, just a stand-in for the real thing. Otherwise, how can someone have 2 actual mothers? Even in the world of sorcery, there are certain rules to women's biology.
2360 days ago
wut... There is no lava in dodongos cavern is also incorrect. And koume and kotake are the same age... they are twins.