The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess and Ocarina of Time

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Ever played the legend of zelda twilight princess or ocarina of time? Find out if you know a lot about it here!

  • 1
    You have played twilight princess and ocarina of time
  • 2
    In ocarina of time, Zelda's ocarina that she gives to Link is blue
  • 3
    In twilight princess, the twilight king does not have a daughter

  • 4
    In ocarina of time, you must collect three stones and five medallions to get to Ganondwarf
  • 5
    In twilight princess, there is a zora queen
  • 6
    In ocarina of time, Shiek saves Zelda from Ganondwarf completely

  • 7
    In twilight princess, you are asked first to deliver something to the castle
  • 8
    In ocarina of time, Ganondwarf first appears as a phantom in the forest temple
  • 9
    Shiek from the ocarina of time is a man
  • 10
    In twilight princess, you can play the ocarina

  • 11
    In ocarina of time, not all of the temples have an ocarina song
  • 12
    In twilight princess, you meet the gorons
  • 13
    In the ocarina of time, The Bolero of Fire is the name of a song
  • 14
    In the twilight princess, Link is able to speak
  • 15
    In the ocarina of time, the princess of the zora's name is Rotu

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1229 days ago
Besides, I only mention all of the mistakes not to point and laugh, but to help the quiz author improve their quiz. Remember, this site does give you the option to go back and modify it. If the author reads my comment and decides to ignore me, no harm no foul!
1229 days ago
I'm a chill person my fellow Psych fan. Actually, I'm a critic of online quizzes and online movie reviews. If you've read my comments I've created for all of the Zelda quizzes, then you'll know when I'm actually bashing someone on their quiz. Just look what I said about TheFadedWalker500's quizzes! But look closely, I did give praise to the quizzes I thought were great! If I didn't mention liking or disliking it, then on a scale of 5, I gave it a 3 or 4.
1254 days ago
Onihelix- chill out and keep the mistakes if yourself every single Zelda Quiz I´ve been on you have said everything wrong with it try to make a effort to Either restrain youself from the comments or praise there quiz (even if it was terrably awful)
1327 days ago
About the whole misspelling Ganondorf with Ganondwarf: I mean I get how some people get that wrong sometimes, even though his human form is a dwarf version of his monster form, but if you've played the game enough to take the time to create this quiz, you really should have known all of this.
1327 days ago
This quiz was indeed unique. But there are a few mistakes.
Question 1 is totally pointless.
Question 3 is incorrect. Midna is not Zant's daughter, nor is anyone else.
Question 4 is incorrect. You collect 6 medallions, not 5. I know you don't clear a dungeon for the light medallion, but you still have to collect it.
Question 11 would have been more clear if the words "associated with it" were added to it.
Question 14 is a trick question. Link does speak, you just simply don't hear him do it. When a character asks Link a question and answer choices pop up, you are choosing what Link SAYS.
2146 days ago
His name is spelt Ganondorf.