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The Best Ocarina of Time Quiz! Think you are an expert on The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time? Find out!

  • 1
    In what order are you supposed to collect the Spiritual Stones?
  • 2
    Where is the Temple of Light located?
  • 3
    How many Gossip Stones are outside the Temple of Time?

  • 4
    Who gives you the Light Arrows?
  • 5
    Which is not a variety of arrow?
  • 6
    Which is not a variety of mask found in Ocarina of Time?

  • 7
    Which is not one of the three Golden Goddesses?
  • 8
    Who of the following is not a sage?
  • 9
    Link slept for seven years after reaching the Master Sword. Where did he sleep?
  • 10
    Which learnable ocarina song can you hear as part of the regular background music at dawn every morning?

  • 11
    Where is Jabu Jabu when Link is an adult?
  • 12
    Which of the five main Temples (dungeons) do you have to enter as a child?
  • 13
    What is the clue that points you toward the Fire Arrow?
  • 14
    What is not a learnable song in Ocarina of Time?
  • 15
    Which two sages take alternate forms throughout the game? (Not including Princess Ruto who just grows up)
  • 16
    Which Temple does not have a Medallion associated with it?

  • 17
  • 18
    Who's portrait can you see in Hyrule Castle?
  • 19
    How many finger holes are there on the Ocarina of Time?
  • 20
    Into which side of the moat (when looking towards the drawbridge from Hyrule Field) does Zelda throw the Ocarina of Time?

  • 21
    Which is not an attribute of the Triforce?
  • 22
    What do you give to the guard in Kakariko Village to open the gate?
  • 23
    What is the colour of Ganondorf's blood?
  • 24
    What is the order in which you kill the deku scrubs to get to the boss chamber in the Deku Tree?
  • 25
    Which is not a heart piece location?

Comments (3)


1427 days ago
I actually enjoyed this quiz! It was long enough, there were no major grammatical errors, and the questions were good and interesting. And some of the answer choices were actually funny!
A note about question 2: even if you've never played the game but are taking this quiz for some reason, I don't think anyone would ever think a place called the 'temple of light' would ever be inside a Ranch.
Question 11 is a trick question as there is a very large, long, and slick piece of ice right where Jabu-Jabu once was and it is very close to the same size and shape as well. To many, this is believed to be his dead body covered in ice.
Question 15 is a little confusing. Zelda is obvious, but Rauru? If you think he is disguised as Kaepora Gaebora, then you're wrong. Otherwise, I have no idea what you're talking about.
Question 16 is a little off. Remember, there IS a Temple of Light, and there ISN'T a medallion associated with it.
When I first read Question 19, it may have just been me, but it sounded a little perverted and my mind went straight to the gutter.
'A Stab Wound'XD
Question 23 is only correct if you're playing on the GameCube or the 3D versions. It's Red in the N64 version.
And finally, Question 25's answer choice 'behind the cow' should be 'beside the cow'.
Other than that, again, great quiz!!!
1440 days ago
Haha yeah. I love OoT so much thats why i already beat it and am starting again...
2085 days ago
There arent alot good quizzes, most of them are too easy, but this is on the right level! Nice work, got 21 out of 25