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Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Fan Quiz

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Let's see if you ACTUALLY played Ocarina of Time, shall we?

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    As a boy in the introduction sequence, you dream of the Master Sword.

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1166 days ago
Even avid fans of the game can be totally oblivious to GameShark codes or unused stuff.

Because this quiz is taken on a site with a TRUCKLOAD of pop-up ads and whatnot, it's hard to close them all, read the question, and answer correctly within only 15 seconds.
1174 days ago
LAME. Like you said, JAMTHEHERO, some of these questions were based off opinions. When I make a quiz, I gather facts about the topic and incorporate them into the quiz. But, not a bad quiz, not bad.
1219 days ago
Terrible quiz with some extremely vague questions and a lot of questions based on opinion, not fact.