Zelda True or False: Ocarina Of Time

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Don’t expect much. Just go with it, and if you don’t like your results, try again. It’s a true or false test. Deal with it.

  • 1
    Sheik is Zelda in disguise
  • 2
    Link ages 9 years after pulling the Master Sword from the Pedestal
  • 3
    Impa is a Sheikah

  • 4
    The Shadow Temple must be opened when you are a child
  • 5
    Ganondorf can be killed WITHOUT using the Light Arrows
  • 6
    The Fire Arrows are obtained after beating The Water Temple

  • 7
    Princess Zelda reveals herself as Sheik, and then is Captured by Ganondorf.
  • 8
    The Spirit Temple is in Zora’s Domain
  • 9
    Saria is the Forest Sage
  • 10
    Link the Goron is the Son of Darunia, and you get Bombs from him

  • 11
    Link the Goron gives you the Fire Tunic
  • 12
    Ganon Can be Killed by…
    1. The Hookshot
    2. Deku nuts
    3. The Giant’s Knife (Broken and Repaired)
    4. The Master Sword
    5. Megaton Hammer

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1126 days ago
Question 4 is incorrect. The Shadow Temple CAN be opened by Child Link, but you can sure as hell open it as Adult Link too. Either that, or the quiz author meant the Bottom of the Well.
Question 5 is a little weird: you have to have the light arrows, but they only stun him, they don't actually damage or kill him.
Question 6 is only half right as you can get the Fire Arrows after obtaining the Longshot, but before you complete the Water Temple.
Question 7 should be worded "Sheik reveals himself to be Princess Zelda, not the other way around. Not only that, but this question basically answers Question 1 for you.
Question 10 makes Question 11 a little useless as they ask about the same person.
Question 12 is almost right, but only the Master Sword can KILL him. The rest of the weapons only DAMAGE him.