Tomb Raider Quiz of ALL TIME!

Are you a true tomb raider? The questions will be about storyline, characters, and the makers of the game. No cheating! Cheaters will be punished by getting Lara's rocket launcher shoved down their throat.

Question 1:   First I'll tell you that in the parentheses is the game where you get the answer in each question.(Any game) Piece of cake. Who designs for Tomb Raider?
Tomb Raiders

Question 2:   (Last Revelation and Chronicles) Pretty hard. Which is true of Von Croy?
He lost his glasses at an Egyptian sea port. They were broken anyway.
He was possessed by Anubis once.
His HQ is in New York.
He damaged his leg in Egypt.
He stole the Iris from Lara.

Question 3:   (Tomb Raider 3) Medium. What is Dr. Willard's first name?
They never said...did they?

Question 4:   (Tomb Raider 3) Slightly opinion airy but still pretty obvious. Which best describes Dr. Willard?
He likes Lara and he shows it.
Mama's boy.
Freaky psycho.
Mad because Lara killed his employee, Tony.

Question 5:   (I can't tell you) Easy if you explore. What is the oldest Tomb Raider game to not feature a Tyrannosaurus?
Tomb Raider 3
Last Revelation
Tomb Raider 2
Angel of Darkness

Question 6:   (Revelation) Kinda hard. At the end of Revelation, we all know something happened to Lara. What exactly did?
She was warped to ancient Egypt.
She was mummified by Set.
She didn't make it out of the Temple of Horus before it collapsed.
She was trapped in a gas chamber.

Question 7:   (TR 2) The three secrets in each level are ______, ______, and ______ dragons.
silver, jade, gold
steel, jade, gold
silver, emerald, brass
blue, green, yellow
silver, emerald, gold

Question 8:   (TR 3) Easy if you have good memory. In the temple near the Madubu River at South Pacific Islands, Lara encountered a cannibalistic tribesman. He didn't attack her because he was fasting, but he said the one to catch her would be lucky because her flesh looked pretty tasty. She replied... (not word for word)
"I'll make him eat lead before he eats me."
"No he won't [be lucky]-- if you know what I mean."
"I'll be sure to tell him that."

Question 9:   (TR) Easy cheesy lemon squeezy. Which one of these people don't work for Jacqueline Natla?
the big guy with the shotgun
the skinny white punk with the Uzis
the lady with the knife

Question 10:   (TR 2 and one other) Which weapon did not debut in TR 2?
rocket launcher
automatic pistol
harpoon gun
grenade launcher
Desert Eagle pistol

Question 11:   (Neither) Extremely rare knowledge. What are Lara's vital statistics?
Vital stat-whaty?
56R 14 77
34D 24 35
12J 37 93
43K 26 30

Question 12:   Very very easy. The 5th PlayStation Tomb Raider is...?
Angel of Darkness
Last Revelation

Question 13:   Kinda tough. The 6th Tomb Raider for PC is...? (excluding bonuses such as Golden Mask and Unfinished Business and excluding demos)
Last Revelation
Tomb Raider 2 Gold
Tomb Raider 3: Lost Artifact
Tomb Raider 3: Adventures in India
Angel of Darkness

Question 14:   (TR 1, 2, 3, and Revelation) Pretty easy. Between the first four games, which weapon is not a one-game weapon?
Desert Eagle pistol
rocket launcher

Question 15:   (TR 4) Pretty easy. Which is untrue of Jean Yves?
He lives in his study.
He's mostly Italian.
He used to have a laser sight.
He needs to go on the Zone.
He lives at a sea port.

Question 16:   (Revelation) Easy. They never said where Lara was after she escaped from the Cairo citadel. However, if you know your Egyptian geography, you can tell that the next 9 levels with the blood-red sky is...
Nile Valley

Question 17:   (TR 3) What is not featured in the TR 3 Trophy Room?
The pieces of the Antarctic meteor that Mr. Psycho Willard was so obsessed about.
A T-Rex skull.
The Iris.
The Dagger of Xian.

Question 18:   As easy as pie! What's the most they ever gave us of Lara's dad's name?
Lord Henshingly Orville Croft
Henshingly Orville Croft
Lord Henshingly Croft

Question 19:   (TR 1, 2, 3, Revelation, Chronicles, AOD) Really hard. Which of these places has Lara never been to (in all PlayStation/PC TR's INCLUDING either gameplay or cinema)?
a cult's hideout
inside a spaceship
on top of a moving train

Question 20:   (TR 2) What is the name of Marco Bartoli's cult?
Phiana Mera
Fiama Mara
Faima Neera
Fioma Nera
Fiama Nera

This Quiz has been designed by Anubis.