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This is an Undertale quiz. See how well you know all your favourite characters.

  • 1
    UNDERTALE was created by someone. What was their name?
  • 2
    Undertale has many antagonists. Which one of these is NOT a fightable monster in the game?
  • 3
    Undertale is a role-player game. What is the protagonist's name?

  • 4
    Undertale has 3 main routes; Pacifist, Genocide and?
  • 5
    Undertale has two skeleton antagonists: Sans and Papyrus. Sans has the power to?
  • 6
    In Undertale, there is a scientist who helps the protagonist with many puzzles. The scientist's name is?

  • 7
    Who is the main boss of the Hotlands?
  • 8
    Who is the first monster you meet in Undertale?
  • 9
    The only two characters who can SAVE are which two characters?
  • 10
    Who can't you kill in UNDERTALE?

  • 11
    Which Undertale character is said to represent Toby Fox?
  • 12
    In Undertale, how many fightable monsters are there (including all fightable main characters)?
  • 13
    According to TheTopTens, who is the most popular Undertale character?
  • 14
    How many houses are there in Undertale (only the houses that you can go in, though)?
  • 15
    When was Undertale made?
  • 16
    Undertale's official website is called what?

  • 17
    Undertale is set under which mountain?
  • 18
    To the monsters, the above world is called what?
  • 19
    How many human Souls are there?
  • 20
    Do you like Undertale?

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668 days ago
ahem ahem you can kill TEMMIE you can't kill TEM this two are different
941 days ago
*frisks house*
*knock knock*

frisk: come in

*sans comes in*
sans:its not come in its whos there?!

The End
941 days ago
Sans: hey paps how are you

paps: ugrh! im fine just this orange is hard to peel!

Sans: are you sure you arn't peeling mad?

paps: your dead to me

The End
1002 days ago
You should have specified what type of human souls: dead human souls? already captured souls? all human souls, dead and alive?
1142 days ago
I have some issues with this quiz
Question 7
Please specify which one of Mettaton's forms.
Question 8
Flowey is not a monster. The correct answer should be Toriel.
Question 10
You can kill Temmie, by the way.
Question 19
There are currently seven human SOULS shown in Undertale. The correct answer should be seven
Question 20
There are no right or wrong answers in this type of question
1186 days ago
There are seven human souls, including your's.
1206 days ago
There are seven souls. Perseverance, Justice, Bravery, Patience, Integrity, Kindness, and DETERMINATION.