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This is a very long quiz to test your knowledge of the game Undertale!
There is 5 questions for each location and the CORE, there is also 5 miscellaneous questions.
Good Luck!

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    Who's the first monster you meet in the underground?

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442 days ago
"You got 31 out of 40 questions correct." - Wrong. I got all 40 correct, or rather every question correct that had a definitive correct answer (some of your "questions" don't have one, or have multiple correct answers).

This is on top of the fact you offered childish responses that simply shouldn't exist in a quiz in the first place, such as "I don't know the answer, why are you asking me?"

The problem is you, quiz creator, don't actually know Undertale nearly as well as you think you do. This is real reason you didn't list which questions quiz takers got "wrong", as it could be used to demonstrate your own personal ignorance.

This quiz - by a long shot - is *not* the "ultimate quiz" for Undertale. Far from it. This quiz is more of an April fool's day joke than anything else.

Oh well, the search for a quality quiz continues...
519 days ago
596 days ago
40 questions? there we go...
910 days ago
(i mena for first question
910 days ago
can flowey be considered a monster and also if you have killed flowey in a previous run then toriel shows up before flowey comes
my point is that this is a question that can be either toriel or flowey based on opinion or previous run
979 days ago
I got lazy trying to answer all 40 questions