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Yandere Simulator Quiz

Yandere Simulator Quiz


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1025 days ago
I love anime I'm so obsessed with it 馃槈馃槈
1202 days ago
I keep on geting ayano
1233 days ago
I keep getting senpai for some reason and don鈥檛 act like him
1422 days ago
even though im 9.......... ILL STILL GET THE RIVALTHAT I AM WITCH IS OSORO plus she is almost like the deliquits leader or the captin but anyway i sill want to play the game dso badly but i cant because im 9 whitch is TOO young to play a killing game
1467 days ago
Hello! I Love Doing Yandere Quizess! :-D
1498 days ago
I love you Laurezside
1503 days ago
Hi hope you have fun with my game
1527 days ago
:3 I love Laurenzside
1537 days ago
^_^ jeejee
1615 days ago
Yandere for LIFE am I right?
1615 days ago
Hi how are you yander
1631 days ago
hiiiii guys/fans
1639 days ago
1641 days ago
I'm the best your the worst yandere chan
1653 days ago
hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha!!
1668 days ago
i'm a dere位位位位位位位位位位位位位位位位位位位位
1681 days ago
1681 days ago
I like kakona haroko
1688 days ago
I know yandere a lot
1689 days ago
Yan sim for da win!!