Armageddon Quotes

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Hey let's see if you know all these quotes from the movie

  • 1
    "The fate of the planet is in the hands of a bunch of retards I wouldn't trust with a potato gun!"
  • 2
    "I just want to seriously say, I have a small fear of flying!"
  • 3
    "Oh gee lady I just came here to drill."

  • 4
    "I ain't gonna kill him."
  • 5
    "Chewey! Have you even seen Star Wars?"
  • 6
    "There's just five words I wanna hear from you right now..."

  • 7
    "Do you think anyone else in the world is doing the same thing in this exact same moment?"
  • 8
    "I give you 50,000$ a year in donation!"
  • 9
    "I know the Presidents chief scientific advisor, we were at MIT together, and in a situation like this you really shouldn't take the advice from anyone who got a C- in astrophysics..."
  • 10
    "The person that finds it gets to name it, right?"

  • 11
    "I just wanted to feel the power between my legs."
  • 12
    "You can't just come around like this, court says you can't....."
  • 13
    "We call him Hound because...well... he's horny."
  • 14
    "Hold breath or lung freezes!"
  • 15
    "I know what it feels like to have your hormones pulling you in a thousand different directions..."
  • 16
    "My favorite dish is Haggis, heart, lungs, liver, you shove that all in a sheep stomach, then you boil it, that'll put some hair on your a**"

  • 17
    "Guys this is like deep blue hero stuff, of course I'm in."
  • 18
    "56 tickets in seven states."
  • 19
    "I've always thought of you as a son..."
  • 20
    "This is the earth, at a time when the dinosaurs roamed a mush and fertile planet. A piece of rock just _______ wide changed all that..."

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