Do you know everything about Austin Powers?
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Do you know everything about Austin Powers?

Wanna see how well you know Austin Powers? Well this is the quiz to take then.

Question 1: What is Austin Powers'Favourite thing to do?
Have a dental appointment every year
Get married

Question 2: What is the name of the Italian Secretary?
Alotta Fagina
Ivona Hump-Alot
Number 02
Frau Farbissener

Question 3: Who said this?: Goodnight Austin, welcome to the nineties, you're going to be very lonely.
Dr Evil
Felicity Shagwell
Vanessa Kenzington
Frau Farbissener

Question 4: What does Austin claim is not his?
Swedish made penis enlarger
A card from his mummy
A Burt Bacharach record
G-String knickers

Question 5: Who does Austin end up marrying?
Felicity Shagwell
Fat Bastard
Vanessa Kenzington
Dr Evil

Question 6: Who Plays Fat Bastard, Goldmember, Dr Evil, Shrek and Austin Powers?
Eddie Murphy
Cameron Diaz
Mike Myres
Matthew Perry
Michale King

Question 7: Who Plays Vanessa?
Heather Graheme
Mike Myres
Elizabeth Hurley

Question 8: In Austin Powers 2 what does Vanessa turn out to be?
Dr Evil
A shag machine
A fem bot
Fat Bastard
Basil Exposition

Question 9: What sort of car does Austin Powers have in The Spy Who Shagged Me?
A 69er
A Shaguar

Question 10: What does Scott give Dr Evil as a present in Austin Powers: Goldmember
A Hot pocket
A Slut
Sharks With Fricken Laser Beams Attached Their Fricken Heads
An illtempered Mutated Seabass

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