Austin Trivia!!!
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Austin Trivia!!!

So, you think you know Austin Powers inside and out, do you? Go on, then, prove it!!!

Question 1:In Austin Powers 1 what was the card that No. 2 looked at with his x-ray patch?
4 of spades
4 of hearts
4 of diamonds
4 of clubs

Question 2:Who does Burt Bacharach sing with in Austin Powers 2?
Elvis Presley
Elvis Simcock
He doesn't- he sings by himself
Elvis Costello

Question 3:What is the name of the actor that plays Mustafa?
Will Smith
Will Ferrell
Will Farrell
Will you please give a decent question?

Question 4:Who's the first person to be sick after Mr. Roboto gets eaten by the tank of sharks?
Dr. Evil
No. 2

Question 5:There are only 2 things in this world that scares Austin Powers: Nuclear war and---

Question 6:Finish the quote: I am going to go across the street and get you some---
Tickets to go and see Ming Tea
Orange sherbert
Rotating chairs

Question 7:How does Mustafa die?
Gets burned
Falls over the edge of a cliff
He doesn't, you idiot!!! You see him AP2 and he says he's still alive!!!
Gets shot

Question 8:What does Scott describe Minime like?
A little brat
A vicious little chauaua thing
A loser
A tiny little bomb-like thing

Question 9:Where is Patty O'Brian from?

Question 10:And finally, what's Foxxy Cleopatra's attack cry?
Judo chop!!!
Take that!!!

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