Batman Quiz

Are you a truly worthy Batman fan? I like to think I am - that's why I created this low- to medium-difficulty Batman quiz for my fellow fans! See how well you know the franchise (there are questions here on the comics, movies and TV series). Check your score at the end to see how you stack up.

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    Batman is the alter-ego for which billionaire playboy?

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356 days ago
well i am a BIG batman film fan i dont know if these question were that focused on the films or comics
409 days ago
the quiz alright, not that great actually because it was mostly based on the 1989 film and not the character
811 days ago
we are the best Batman girl and boy
877 days ago
10/10 great quiz but a bit tricky
939 days ago
This was a great quiz, I got 13/20. But some of these weren't really about the Batman... Still great stuff.
1020 days ago
Tbh this quiz was focusing a lot more in the movie details than in the universe of batman in general, and the question of "What actor best reassembles the physical state of batman in the comics?" didn't make sense since Batman's physical representation has changed through the years of comics, at first he wasn't so strong or bulky but was pretty agile and acrobatic, and Val Kilmer was the actor that best portrayed that version of Batman, but the batman in the 90's and beginning of the 2000 was restored to a much bigger and physically stronger batman, which Christian Bale represented perfectly for the time ( and that was the correct answer)
1038 days ago
Bill finger and bob kane co-created batman
1114 days ago
Honestly not a good quiz, most stuff opinionated and most is about release dates not actual stuff you KNOW ABOUT BATMAN. One of the weakest quizzes out there.
1135 days ago
That was easier than I thought. Ha
1143 days ago
and the end of arm ham knight arkham prison
1190 days ago
1197 days ago
What if cat girl or cat women is batman((
1381 days ago
I'm a fan of yu. Forever.
1399 days ago
This is so freaking cool
1441 days ago
One about the penguin was the only one I didn't get.
1529 days ago
Actually, Michael Keaton would resemble Bruce more as he has black hair, blue eyes.
1909 days ago
That is a not a good question for batman knowledge test