Edward Scissorhands
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Edward Scissorhands

So, you think you know everything about Edward Scissorhands? Well, let's see.

Question 1:   What is the first line of the movie?
"Snuggle in, sweetie, it's cold out there."
"What story would you like to hear tonight?"
"It's snowing outside."
"I have a good bedtime story for you tonight."
"Hurry up and get in your bed."

Question 2:   Peg Boggs is...
a homemaker
an Avon representative
a bowling champion
a hair stylist
a door to door saleslady

Question 3:   Joyce is...
an overly religious lady
a flirt
a chubby, sweet lady
a friendly lady with a poodle
the girl Edward falls in love with

Question 4:   What color is Peg Boggs' car?
light blue

Question 5:   What bush-shape is NOT in Edward's front yard?
a squirrel
a stork
a hand
a deer

Question 6:   When the inventor was still alive, he had a machine that made...
christmas decorations

Question 7:   Why did Jim want to break into his own house and steal some of his dad's things?
he wanted his dad's new TV
he needed extra money
he wanted to get Edward into trouble
he wanted his own van

Question 8:   What was the first dog that got it's hair cut's name?

Question 9:   Why did Edward break some things (the blinds, the walls in the bathroom) in the Boggs' house?
because he saw Jim
because he found out that he helped steal things in Jim's house
because Kim didn't love him
because he was frustrated that he kept wrecking everything

Question 10:   When Kim dances in the snow, what color dress is she wearing?

Question 11:   What does Edward make out of the bush that is in front of the very religious lady's house?
a gun
a demon
a cross
a ballerina
a dog

Question 12:   What happened to the inventor?
he left without saying goodbye
Edward accidentally killed him
he fell down the stairs
he got caught in his machine
he had a heart attack

Question 13:   Why did the grandmother not go back up at the age she was at?
she was too fragile to go up the mountain
she couldn't walk anymore
she wanted Edward to remember her the way that she was
she was too afraid to see him again

Question 14:   When Edward came down the mountain, it caused...
people to enjoy life more
a storm

Question 15:   Why did Edward scratch up Kevin's face?
he was getting him out of the way of a van coming down the road
he accidentally ran into him
he was upset at him
he wanted to keep him safe from Jim, who charged at him
he got him out of the way from a falling bush sculpture

Question 16:   When Kim said, "Hold me", Edward replied...
"I can't"
"I'm sorry"
"I have to go."
"No, my hands."

Question 17:   Who was the actress that Edward fell in love with?
Christina Ricci
Catherine Zeta-Jones
Winona Ryder
Michelle Pfeiffer

Question 18:   What did Kim say to the townspeople after Jim died?
That the roof caved in on Edward
that Edward was still up there, but he didn't want to be bothered
that Edward got shot

Question 19:   Who was this movie directed by?
Tim Burton
Mel Gibson
Tom Franklin
Shel Silverstein

Question 20:   Where was Edward's bed?
At the top of the mansion
In the basement
Where the machines were

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