Quotes from the movie Eragon

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Can you remember who said what?

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    Who says this quote, "some spells when you use them can weaken you, others like you experienced on the bridge will leave you unconscious, and others, if you use them before you are ready will kill you."?
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    "as they say, when a rider draws his last breath, he can hear the dying screams of his dragon."
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    Who says this quote,"so I took his sword and I drove it through his heart, and as he died so did his dragon."?

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    Which character says this quote, "when we're truly one you can fight from anywhere even from the tail."?
  • 5
    "Bring me the boy, I said, bring me his blood, I said, but you...You bring me nothing."
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    Who says this quote, "and when a rider and dragon are truly one, then they can see as one and that is called skulblaka's vein."

  • 7
    "Please don't Saphira, I'm the rider and I say we go!"
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    " I tire of this, I'll bring the boy to me."
  • 9
    "As they say, your one part brave, three parts fool."
  • 10
    Which character says this final quote, "Eragon, let him die with pride, as a dragon rider."

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This is my favourite movie.