Jason Voorhees Quiz

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You think you know Jason well enough to survive against him? Try this and see if you can!

  • 1
    How many Friday the 13th Films are there? (Not including any Jason Versus anyone films)
  • 2
    Who was the killer in the first Friday the 13th?
  • 3
    What did Jason cover his head with in the second Friday the 13th?

  • 4
    What is Jason's first weapon used in part 3 while wearing the hockey mask?
  • 5
    Which actor survived the longest against Jason in part 4?
  • 6
    What difference was there to the killer's mask in part 5?

  • 7
    How tall is Jason in part 6?
  • 8
    How is Jason released in part 7?
  • 9
    What is the ship called in part 8?
  • 10
    What, from another movie series, emerges from the dust at the end of part 9 and who does it belong to?

  • 11
    How many victims has Jason acquired by the end of Jason X?
  • 12
    What were the odds of Jason winning in Freddy vs Jason?
  • 13
    Who actually won Freddy vs Jason?
  • 14
    How long is Jason's machete, not including handle?
  • 15
    What is Jason afraid of?
  • 16
    Jason is referred to as what by his mother (who was an illusion by Freddy)in the dream world sequence

  • 17
    What limbs did Jason get repaired in Jason X?
  • 18
    What is the best way of tackling Jason?
  • 19
    If you met Jason, what should you do?
  • 20
    Which of the following did Jason beat in the whole legacy?

Comments (11)


1600 days ago
Question 1 is wrong there are 11 original friday the 13th because Freddy vs jason is the 11th movie in the franchise look it up
1634 days ago
Also, there were 10 deaths in Friday part 1
1634 days ago
This quiz has an incorrect question its number 15 Jason isn't afraid of water
1784 days ago
Haha, I woulda died first.
1855 days ago
Jason isn't afraid of water in any of the movies except Freddy VS Jason, also, that movie wasn't "just a dream". Also last question makes no sense
1865 days ago
Kyle Jason is scared of water because he died from it and Freddy is scared of fire because he died from that.
1881 days ago
The whole quiz is great I just don’t agree with that he is afraid of water
2151 days ago
Many of the questions were both dependant on what Jason we're talking about and others were just straight wrong. If you're going to make a Jason quiz, please either do some research or leave it to someone who actually knows the franchise.
2185 days ago
Jason is the best of anything I know I love his movies and his laugh he is my favorite character in the world
2330 days ago
i loved this test hope you make more jason is my favourite slasher
2722 days ago
Some questions were unlegit. Nobody won in Freddy vs jason but it was real life. Not a dream. Good quiz though